Tuesday, November 13, 2018

seven story tower.

Sorry about my last post. it was a school project last year. Yep, last year. Everything goes by too fast, it's a bit scary anyways time skip to now, november 13 2018. My names Mason by the way, I'm an almost fourteen year old just came out transgender male. ( female to male. ) I've had a pretty long and sad yet terrible life. what am I plotting? who knows but it's gonna be big and it's gonna show the world how fucking terrible this place is.

now let me give you story,

there's this boy, everything is black in his world. his world is a black hole. this black hole swallows him in a little deeper each day. He's not scared anymore, he's used to getting eating down by this hole, this hole has numbed him deep into his bones. now imagine this seven story bell tower that no one notices, they just walk by it like its not there. only you notice this seven story tower, you and this boy. but the thing is this boy is like the tower, he himself has seven stories to say and at the end he will explain the worlds meaning and show what it really is.